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Injury, lack of motivation or just plain lazy…….I can tick all of these reasons as to why I have not been riding much. So, with a moment of weakness, I purchased a Roller to get me back on track to a decent fitness level that I am truly missing.
Now Rollers are not the easiest of devices to master and it has been way too many years since I have been on a set. Ego and stubbornness in my mind had me mastering them with ease (well in my mind anyway) . I chose a recently converted Road Bike that I had installed Riser Bars to give me a bit of height for my dodgy shoulder (experimenting to see if it works) to start on my way. Mrs Snob had made comment that where I was setting up the Rollers was a bit close to the cupboard door to which I replied, ‘It’s all sorted, I’m not stupid!’. Her parting comment was simply, ‘Do not dent my car’. I replied with some famous last words from the Ego male and we went to bed.
5 am alarm next morning no movement from me until Mrs Snob punches me to get up. Reluctantly, I arise to get my sorry butt dressed and staggered down stairs. Throwing a leg over the bike while it is on rollers is no easy task when you are out of shape but I finally got there and stood over the bike trying to remember how to start. After a couple of false starts (and for any fly’s on the wall…much amusement), I was up and riding. Ah this is easy I thought spinning away starting to work up a sweat. Before I knew it I went left then in slow motion saw myself hurtling towards Mrs Snob’s car and the carbon front wheel on her Roadie. With a heavy 130 kg I landed very awkwardly onto what was my ‘good’ shoulder with a thud! I looked over my shoulder to see the massive dent in the front panel of Mrs Snob’s car which hurt more than my body! (Not to mention the thought of the, ‘I told you so!’ conversation that I knew would be coming). After extracting myself from the tangled mess I went over the damage - bike first of course then the car. Bike is ok bent the brake lever a little but can be bent back! Damage to front car $300!
Lesson learnt:
Listen to Wife
Listen to Wife
Listen to Wife
Buy a Wind Trainer

Posted on June 17, 2015
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